Please...don't stop CRYPTO enthusiasts and there innovation. Also... stop regulating tax on Cryptocurrency...instead...support it and become one of the very few tax free (crypto) nations accross the world ❤️

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Why fee for everything while banks are earning on our money?

Who gave authority to freeze account by any government body ?

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To summarize,

1) Charges on payments from bankers like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS should be fixed and directly controlled by RBI with a different cell, if needed.

2) Charges on UPI, g-pay etc should always be free, else 5 years after may be again demonetization will be required!!!!!

3) Charges in DC/CC cards should be fix per transaction to Merchant as well as customer. It should be regulated by RBI directly and no banker.

4) Lastly, intermediaries surcharges and related charges and convenience fees etc are ridiculous for customers which are availing online benefits. These should be removed or a fix fee should be introduced and regulated/monitored by RBI cell all over the country.

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