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The Coin Crunch newsletter breaks down the most impactful news for the Web3 and Crypto industry for our subscribers in a consumable language. The author, Naimish Sanghvi, is an important voice in the crypto community of India. It is research-backed, insight-led high-quality content specifically planned for the audience that understands the depths of web3. Coin Crunch Newsletter is consumed by over 1000 Founders, Investors, Journalists, and Scholars.

The History of Coin Crunch

The website went live on February 01, 2018, right after Late Arun Jaitley, the then Finance Minister of India announced, in his budget speech, “Bitcoin is not a legal tender”. We knew then, that the journey is long and hard for Coin Crunch to fight the FUD, educate the masses about crypto and break barriers in honest reporting and coverage of the space.

For over four years, Coin Crunch did this sincerely with articles, videos and live discussions. Coin Crunch’s audience and community make it the most trusted source of information for crypto. With this newsletter, we want to ensure that we focus on our most loyal community to help them make better decisions and stay informed. After all, that’s the only family that matters.

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Naimish Sanghvi

I am the founder of Crypto News platform Coin Crunch. With my newsletter I am trying to introduce my community to something around crypto that will have a huge impact in the near future but they may not be aware of it yet. I write a letter everyday.